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Friday, September 17, 2010

Andrew Davis Talks Percussion

Canada first got to know Andrew Davis when he was appointed conductor of the Toronto Symphony in 1975, fresh out of King's College, Cambridge. His career developed slowly but steadily after that and he went on to head the BBC Symphony and the Glyndebourne Festival. Since 2000 he has been music director of the Chicago Lyric Opera. He also holds the position of Conductor Laureate of both the BBC Symphony and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to his conducting and keyboard skills, Andrew Davis always had a gift for talking about music. In this 1989 educational video made with faculty and students at the Manhattan School of Music in New York, he introduces the instruments of the orchestra. This segment deals with percussion.

For more on Sir Andrew Davis including his current schedule and discography, visit his website See also my other video posted on LSM this week titled Andrew Davis and the Pittsburg Symphony. Sir Andrew Davis will conduct the OSM in February, 2011 in a Mercure/Rachmaninov/Prokofiev programme.

- Paul E. Robinson



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