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Friday, February 4, 2011

Yannick Discusses Mozart's Requiem / Yannick parle du Requiem de Mozart

This is a very brief discussion of the Mozart Requiem - really no discussion at all - but it is interesting as illustrating the way Yannick Nezet-Seguin is being presented to Philadelphia Orchestra audiences. He has not yet taken over officially as music director - he is currently music director designate - but no opportunity is being lost to showcase his talent and his personality. The Mozart Requiem performances he promoted in this video a few weeks ago were completely sold out, and an extra performance had to be scheduled to satisfy the demand for tickets.

Check out my companion video this week to see Yannick rehearsing the Mozart Requiem with the Philadelphia Orchestra.

Voici une très courte discussion du Requiem de Mozart, mais c’est intéressant d’apercevoir comment il est présenté au public de l’Orchestre de Philadelphie. Il sera son chef d’orchestre la saison prochaine et cette saison il porte le titre de chef d’orchestre désigné. Aucune occasion n’est perdue afin de présenter son talent et sa personnalité. Les prestations du Requiem de Mozart dont il a fait la promotion dans ce vidéoclip il y a quelques semaines étaient très demandées, donc ils ont ajouté une prestation supplémentaire afin de satisfaire la demande.

Dans mon autre vidéoclip de cette semaine, Yannick répète le Requiem de Mozart avec l’Orchestre de Philadelphie.

- Paul E. Robinson; Traduction par Robert Scott



  • Wish Yannick was the musical director NOW. He has youth, charisma, and personality. He is an articulate and enthusiastic communicator. His potential as a major musical figure and public figure is exciting.

    By Blogger mrpaul, At February 3, 2011 at 6:14 PM  

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