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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bamberg Symphony New Year's Concerts - On Two Continents!

It is a sign of the times that symphony orchestras are seeking new audiences as never before - and finding them. Each year the great Cleveland Orchestra plays fewer concerts at home in Cleveland and more in places such as Miami, Vienna and Lucerne. In early March it will take part in the Menuhin Competition in Austin, Texas. The Philadelphia Orchestra is developing a residency in Beijing, and the New York Philharmonic a permanent presence in Shanghai.

What these new patterns have in common is a need for the orchestras involved to serve more people and balance their budgets. But it is significant too that many of these developments are only possible because of the recent explosion of classical music interest in China.

Another recent example is how the Bamberg Symphony celebrated the New Year earlier this month. Many orchestras follow the example of the Vienna Philharmonic and give concerts on New Year's Day but the Bamberg Symphony added a new dimension. It managed to celebrate the occasion in two places at once. With a small baroque contingent it gave a New Year's concert at home while the main body of the orchestra was in Beijing ringing in the New Year. By all accounts both concerts were a big success. Enjoy the video!

Paul E. Robinson



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