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Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Play the Didgeridoo

Ever heard of a didgeridoo? It is a traditional instrument of the aboriginal people of northern Australia. It is little known outside Australia and many of those who have seen and heard it are baffled by it. You can't play conventional "tunes" on it and the sounds coming out of the instrument can be downright ugly to our ears.

But the instrument and its players have a lot to tell us about human expression. In this excellent video David Hudson demonstrates how sounds are made on the instrument. And if you think it is easy to make those sounds just try to imitate what he is doing.

About half way through the video he demonstrates a technique that is very important for wind and brass players to learn but very difficult to master: circular breathing. The Australian aboriginals have been doing it for hundreds of years.

Incidentally, some studies have shown that playing the didgeridoo helps reduce snoring.

Paul E. Robinson



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