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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Glenn Gould and Lois Marshall in 'Beim Schlafengehen' and 'Cacile'

Today marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of Canadian pianist Glenn Gould (September 25 1932 - October 4  1982).  On Oct. 4 next week, it will mark the 30th anniversary of his death. I remember vividly that fateful day on October 4, 1982 when it was announced on the radio that Gould passed away.  Later it was revealed that he had a stroke a week earlier, sustained irreversible brain damage and his condition was deteriorating. A decision was made to remove life support. With his death, Canada lost one of its greatest musical icons. Last evening, the Royal Conservatory of Music presented a Glenn Gould Birthday BACHanalia, an eclectic celebration of the life and art of this great artist. Yesterday afternoon, the University of Toronto hosted a Glenn Gould Symposium at Walter Hall, with an international panel of speakers. And the launch of a new book, Remembering Glenn Gould, by friend and colleague Colin Eatock took place a few weeks ago. It's a new volume based on interviews of 20 people who knew Gould. To remember this great artist, here is Gould at the keyboard, playing 'Beim Schlafengehen" from Strauss' Four Last Songs, followed by Cacile. Both sung with a striking mix of introspection and ecstasy by late Canadian soprano Lois Marshall.

Joseph K. So

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