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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bychkov Conducts Walton

I have said it many times but I will say it again: the Berlin Philharmonic is not only a great orchestra but it produces the best video performances of its work. The video quality is HD and the audio quality is on the same level. Unfortunately, you will only find excerpts - teasers, if you will - of its concerts on youTube. You can have the complete performances and complete concerts only by subscription. But if you want to have a terrific live symphonic performance in your own living room every week it is well worth the money.

This is one of the more offbeat performances from earlier this season. The Walton Symphony No. 1 does not get many performances anywhere these days and to see it turn up in Berlin and not be conducted by Simon Rattle is unusual. Rattle is the orchestra's music director and a champion of British music but the conductor on this occasion was Semyon Bychkov. But who is complaining when the performance is so good? Don't miss the moment when the two timpanists cut loose.

Paul E. Robinson

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