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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cellist David Finkel Talks About Rosin

There was an announcement this week that David Finkel, the long-time cellist of the Emerson String Quartet, is stepping down. For those of us who have admired the Emerson for decades this is a shock and a disappointment. It is hard to imagine this great ensemble without David Finkel's extraordinary sound and musicality. But the fact is that his professional life has become too rich and too complicated to allow him to give the Emerson "gig" the commitment it requires. At the age of 60 Finkel also has a very active solo career with his wife pianist Wu Han, and together they are artistic directors of several important festivals and concert series. After 30 years with the Emerson String Quartet David Finkel will leave at the end of the 2012-2013 season.

Finkel is also a fine teacher and wants to spend even more time on music education. For years he has been turning out short videos covering every aspect of cello playing under the title Cello Talks. Most of them are aimed at younger students but coming from a musician of such experience and insight even the most elementary videos are filled with gems even professionals will find useful.

In this Cello Talk Finkel talks about rosin - that strange gunk string players rub on their bows. There is more to it than most people realize. For more Cello Talks and more about David Finkel visit

Paul E. Robinson

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